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Family day 2018


June is the cradle of childhood. June has the sun of childhood. June is a happy song. As the “June 1” children’s day in 2018 is approaching, we will create a happy environment for employees to reunite with their families. On May 28, the company carefully planned a special June 1 family day activity, which invited more than 30 employee families to participate in and spend a happy children’s day with their children!

“The game turns heaven”: interactive links such as the interesting “crazy finger pressure board” and the tacit test “radish squat” have made Kaibo’s big friends and children feel a unique happy experience. In the finger pressure board battle, which is most loved by children, the whole family went to battle together. They couldn’t stop. The families with excellent performance received corresponding small gifts.
In the “I’m a DIY expert” link, children and their parents work together to complete DIY kite graffiti. Big hands and small hands start together. Accompanied by their parents, the children are confident like little artists, intoxicated in creation. The warm picture provides an opportunity for parents to observe their children’s creativity and practical ability.

The successful holding of this parent-child activity not only reflected the company’s humanistic care for employees, but also narrowed the distance between the company and employees, created a harmonious enterprise atmosphere, and let the children have a happy and unforgettable Festival. At the same time, after the event, the company also sent holiday gifts to every child, wishing them healthy, lovely and learning progress!