Director of marketing department>

Nature of work: full time

Salary range: Negotiable

Demand Department: Marketing Department

Location: Suzhou

Number of recruiters: 1

Demand release date: December 15, 2020


Job responsibilities:

1. Expand the company's market strategy, grasp the company's development direction in the industry, and provide suggestions and market information support for major marketing decisions;

2. Do a good job in market research, including the analysis of the overall market and regional market of the industry, understand the industry policies and the market situation of the company's products, and

Understand the competitive strategy of the same industry, organize the sorting, analysis and filing of various information, and provide decision-making basis for the market positioning of the company's products;

3. Responsible for the promotion and operation of the company's brand, and establish the popularity and reputation of the enterprise's product brand in the target customer group.


1、Education level:
Education requirements:Bachelor degree or above
Professional requirements:marketing, international trade and other related majors
2、Working experience requirements:more than 5 years of market analysis experience in automotive industry
3、Professional knowledge and skills:have marketing knowledge, new energy vehicle industry knowledge, and have a deep understanding of the commercial vehicle market.
4、Ability and quality requirements:strong data collection and analysis ability, keen market dynamic judgment ability, excellent interpersonal communication ability and meticulous Secret logical thinking and derivation ability.
5、Foreign language requirements:General English
6、Requirements for professional title and executive qualification:None


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