EDS-D2850A Pure electric direct drive system

EDS-D2850A Pure electric direct drive system
EDS-D2850A Pure electric direct drive system

The iron core of the motor adopts high-efficiency and low loss silicon steel sheet, the proportion of high-efficiency area is wide, the system efficiency is greater than 85%, accounting for 87%, and the maximum efficiency of the motor can reach 97%.

The motor rotor adopts parallel double one structure design, the proportion of reluctance torque is increased by 20%, the speed expansion capacity of flux weakening is increased by 15%, the cogging torque is less than 1nm, and the NVH performance is good.

The casing adopts double spiral parallel cooling structure, while the stator adopts imported epoxy potting process, and the temperature rise of the motor is relatively high

The paint dipping process is 10 ℃ lower on average, the weight of the effective part of the motor is 20% lighter, and the power density is increased by more than 15%.

Fully check the motor stress, heat, insulation and protection design to avoid motor deformation

Risk of fracture and burning, high safety and reliability.

Using dynamic variable carrier frequency technology and soft switching technology, the system efficiency is further improved.

Technical Parameters
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Scope of Application

10 ~ 12m intercity bus or double deck bus or 16 ~ 18t truck.