EK-CS2150-55 Collector frame

EK-CS2150-55 Collector frame
EK-CS2150-55 Collector frame

More advanced:
1) High-frequency electromagnetic air valve technology;    5)Four high-precision position sensors;
2)Real-time CAN communication control;    6)Effective response to spring fatigue;
3) Built-in visualized debugging panel;   7)Effectively reducing maintenance and testing time;
4)Self-adaptation PID control algorithm;   8)Dual-cylinder control 
Safer :
1)No polarity;  2)Lightning protection;  3)Built-in spring technology;  4)Off-grid forecast alarm
More reliable:
1) Automatic off-grid testing reaction;   3)ALL IN ONE design
2)International leading light-weight technology;  4)More precise mechanical design
More convenient:
More beneficial for layout of whole vehicle, and reduce the wiring perplex and line loss of high-voltage wires and cables


Technical Parameters
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Scope of Application

12m and 18m double source trackless