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eKontrol Drive is a technological innovation enterprise that is established in the global industry of new energy commercial vehicles, with a relatively high popularity and reputation in China. eKontrol conducts cutting-edge research & development in order to manufacture high-performance drive and transmission systems as well as dual-source trolley drive systems. The company has many international leading core technologies and patents. These include 15 international invention patents, more than 30 utility model patents as well as over 50 effective patents and patent applications. The company pays close attention to the development of independent innovations and research & development platforms to foster them. In the departments responsible for ideas and innovations, eKontrol has strayed from the traditional research & development route to pursue new and innovative gearbox designs, specifically for new energy commercial vehicle applications; becoming a pioneer in the field of AT-based drive technology. As a result of many years of continuous improvement in our R&D department and effective integration of global resources, eKontrol has become a leading supplier of high-end hybrid and pure electric drive system for commercial vehicles.

Currently, eKontrol has created numerous sole subsidiaries in Beijing, Suzhou and Europe to take charge of all areas, from research & development, sales and manufacturing to global import and export. The eKontrol Academy has set up scientific research units such as the Drive System Institute, Transmission System Institute, Power Electronics Institute, European Research & Development Centre, Experiment Centre, Post-Doctoral Workstation, etc. These units have nearly 200 employees to accompany the “continuous product innovation“, a main focus of eKontrol. Meanwhile, the company has also established marketing and after-sales support teams of more than 50 people. We are persistent in taking “meeting the demands of terminal-end customers and OEM customers” as our orientation, so we have constructed a matrix and marketing system that has comprehensively met and continues to meet the highest demands of bus operation systems and OEM manufacturers.

In order to effectively integrate worldwide resources and further improve the core competitiveness of eKontrol series products, the company has successively imported European Current Collector (OSA) technology, DCDC technology, and AT product innovations. Through technical integration, important technical issues have been addressed, which has led to exceptional cooperative growth in recent years. The products have been applied to new energy commercial vehicles in China's first-tier cities. eKontrol has become the first-choice brand for mainstream drive systems for high-end commercial vehicles, such as city buses, heavy duty trucks and coaches in China.

Furthermore, having ascended in the Chinese market, the world largest market of electric and hybrid commercial vehicles, eKontrol is actively working on further establishing overseas branches in Europe. In the future, the company will cooperate with more enterprises, building on extensive experience and know-how in the fields of product research & development and international market development. We are committed to bringing safer, more efficient and reliable new energy drive and transmission products and solutions to our global partners!